Youth Leadership Development Workshops

The Southern Initiative Algebra Project (SIAP) conducted an Youth Leadership Development Workshop on January 20-21, 2018 for Virginia State (VSU), Virginia Union (VUU), and Lincoln (LU) and on February 17-18, 2018 for Dillard and Xavier Universities. The agenda for this training, regardless of dates, included 1) exploring the mathematics in the Flagway Game; 2) playing the Flagway Game; 3) assessing university students’ knowledge and needs in understanding fractions; and 4) discussing social justice and their roles as change agents.

Ninety-six (96) university students from five universities were prepared as youth leaders and mentors on two separate occasions. The first training for all five universities was to be held at three sites and linked by Zoom. Two sites—LU and VSU (with VUU) were linked and the training occurred as scheduled; however, due to weather related issues, DU and XULA had to postpone their training. Trainers included Bill Crombie (AP/SIAP), Jessie Cooper-Gibbs, Staffas Broussard, Andrew Wynn (VSU), and Eleanor Poarch-Wall (VSU). David Dennis, Sharon Spencer, Dr. Oliver Hill (VSU), Dr. Renee Hill (VSU, SIAP Board), Dr. Cheryl Talley (VSU), Dr. Sharonda Ragland (VUU), Dr. Denise Gaither-Hardy (LU), and Dr. Timothy Glaude (XULA) attended the workshop as well.

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