Youth Leadership Development Institute, Lincoln University, PA

The Southern Initiative Algebra Project (SIAP) held an intensive, 2-week Youth Leadership Development Institute at Lincoln University from May 20-June 1, 2018. The institute had four main strands:
1. Leadership Skills
a. Building Helping Relationships
b. Active Listening and Barriers to Communication
c. Flexible Interviewing
2. Mathematics–Curriculum Transitions
a. Elementary to Middle School—Flagway
b. Middle School to High School—Algebra Project Transition Curriculum (Integers)
c. High School to College—Polynomial Calculus
3. Games and Strategies
4. Social Justice and Community Action Plan Development
In addition, these youth leaders had an introduction to the importance of assessment and research on the first night of the Institute and a session on gathering data from students and mentors on the last day of the Institute. As a result of the Institute, each university produced an Action Plan for serving as change agents in their schools and communities.
This institute included 48 youth leaders from the five universities (ranging from 8-13 youth leaders/M-Squared members per university). Facilitators included David Dennis, Doris Williams, Jessie Cooper-Gibbs, Staffas Broussard, Sharon Spencer Bill Crombie (AP/SIAP). Other essential SIAP support staff included Nancy Dennis, Cynthia Woodall, and Al White.

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