New Beginnings Schools Foundations Summer Institute for Teachers, New Orleans, LA

The Southern Initiative Algebra Project (SIAP) provided a 1-week summer institute for New Beginnings Schools Foundation (NBSF) teachers, introducing SIAP’s PK-16 Model and SIAP/Algebra Project (AP) pedagogy as an example of modeling to achieve conceptual understanding. A modified Math Lab for Teaching (MLT) component was a significant focus in determining whether conceptual or procedural understanding was being taught in classrooms and to underscore the importance of student-student and student-teacher discussions of mathematics. Teachers represented all three NBSF Charter Schools in NOLA—Medard H. Nelson Elementary (K-8), Pierre A. Capdau Elementary at Avery Alexander (K-8), and John F. Kennedy at Lake Area High School (9-12). Teachers attending the institute taught grades K-6 and high school and included instructional coaches. the NBSF Summer Institute was facilitated by Jessie Cooper-Gibbs, Sharon Spencer, Staffas Broussard, and Bill Crombie (AP/SIAP).

Event Photos

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